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I’m Bree–a hobbyist maker and professional 3D designer based in Des Moines, IA.

After years of tinkering in the 3D department at the University of Iowa, post-graduation I was no longer surrounded by the luxuries and equipment found in the woodshop and metals studio. Last summer I was fortunate enough to start laying some roots in Des Moines with my fiancé and our lil cats in our grownup house, and I’ve been tinkering in the garage ever since. I have loved spending time holed up designing pieces for our new home, and I had an absolute blast hand-making gifts this holiday season.

Due to my diva-level intolerance of cold and my midwestern predicament, my workspace has shifted indoors this winter where I’ve found some serious enjoyment in previously unexplored mediums. I’m excited to learn, make mistakes, and document this part of my life with you!